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You can throw a rock and hit several tech investment banking groups and/or tech boutiques in California, so it wasn’t too hard to move into the finance industry.I joked around about “selling out,” but I didn’t actually see it like that because I never planned to stay in banking for the long-term. Back in the day, I liked a particular one by a guy named Steve Pavlina who wrote a rather excellent series on how he ended up coming to his senses while spending 24 hours in jail, finishing 3 years of college in 3 semesters, running a minor software company, and eventually earning a good living from his blog. For instance, if one day you woke up with 2 hookers sleeping on the floor of your hotel room and leftovers of cocaine on the coffee table, 30 text messages and 9 voice mails on your phone, all the while realizing that the model you were working on before the party started has to be done in 2 hours, and saw that as a day of reckoning for your IB lifestyle, we’d love to know.” So I’m not going to spare any of the juicy stuff.

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Today, I’m going to tell you the story of my own life – from elementary school to university and beyond – and how I started this site on a whim and turned it into a business that now employs dozens of people. The most common comment I got when growing up in New Jersey was, “you seem a lot different from the rest of your family.” That was mostly true: many of my immediate family members worked for the government, were not particularly ambitious, and, despite solid educational backgrounds, had very little commercial sense.

Pay close attention, because you’re about to learn more about starting a real business – one that serves customers and creates valuable products and services – than you ever would from business school, “start-up weekends” or anything else that doesn’t relate to solving a real problem. Don’t get me wrong: they raised me well, always emphasized education, and allowed me to perform well in school, and you can’t dismiss any of that.

Side Note 2: This friend who introduced me to the book was actually Goldie, who later became our producer on Cost of Capital. I immediately thought, “Wow, that sounds like a scam. ” But my life couldn’t get much worse at this point, so I got curious and started reading reviews from respectable sources, and they all seemed positive.

Most people read this book and immediately assume that it’s impossible.

Three thoughts immediately came to mind: To be clear: I got in this accident mostly because I was inefficient and didn’t prioritize well; I was also doing way too much unnecessary work to “stand out.” So I blame no one but myself for this one.

I crawled home, woke up the next day, and sent out an email to everyone with a subject line “At the ER” (I did go there, just to get myself checked out). I used the time to start thinking more seriously about “strategic alternatives” and what I actually wanted to do in life.

I was creating websites back when most people were using 28.8K modems on AOL, and I even started a web design and development business back then.

It turns out that getting your local mayor and other small businesses and organizations as clients is easy when you radically undercharge for your services (not recommended).

He said, “Don’t get hit by a bus,” jokingly, as he left.

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