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Children with middle-class names such as Katharine and Duncan were up to eight times more likely to pass their GCSEs than Waynes and Dwaines.Girls called Katharine were found to have gained the best results with Madeleines coming second.Kade, Kane, Kieron, Kyle (always spells trouble), Liam (always a bad lad), Mason (a horror), Mitchell, Myles, Painton, Rhys / Reece (a nightmare), Ryan, Scott (live in fear), Shane (a terror), Troy, Tyler (lesson disrupter), Wayne (a terror).

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After the intro plays, the two hosts would introduce themselves to a studio audience and explain a possible situation, with the following sketch having a similar situation.

The show then follows this pattern, with a number of sketches, each varying in time.

Variants of common names - for example, Kloe and Hollee - inspire similar trepidation.

An online discussion running to 20 web pages started when one teacher wrote on the Times Educational Supplement Internet site: 'I went through my new class list and mentally circled the ones I thought would be difficult.

The film, titled Wendell Meets Middle-Earth, would follow Wendell's existence in the fantasy world that he likes to see his life in.

asked Shakespeare - indicating that it doesn't really matter what you are called.

But many teachers emphatically disagree - declaring that they can tell from the 'chav' names parents give to their children that they are likely to be little devils at school.

From Adrienne and Poppy, to Ashley and Troy, the contributors to a website for teachers have compiled a list of girls' and boys' names they automatically associate with troublesome behaviour.

I reckon I have a 75 per cent hit rate.' The name that 'inspired the most dread' was Paige.

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