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The validity of one of the patents (618,677) has received a non-final rejection: The problem the D'677 patent faces here is that the USPTO has determined (for now) that this patent "is not entitled to benefit of the filing date" of two previous Apple design patent applications because the design at issue was not disclosed in those earlier applications.As a result, certain prior art is eligible now, and against the background of that additional prior art, the USPTO believes the patent shouldn't have been granted.

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With two days remaining in hand, we looked into all the publications published by Universities before the priority date of the patent.

After Egyptian Goddess the test for determining infringement of design patents has been clear. §§ 102 or 103 since before Egyptian Goddess, the test for invalidity involved both the ordinary observer test and the point of novelty test. The district court granted summary judgment for defendants, finding that the three Seaway patents were invalid under 35 U. The district court did not rule on defendants' motion for summary judgment of obviousness.

As revealed by a patent maximalists’ blog the other day, patents are now being found invalid in the courts only upon appeal (i.e.

even more legal charges) because examiners granted too easily (or to grant by management, if the example of the EPO’s Grant Philpott was to be generalised).

In doing so, we held that the 'point of novelty' test should no longer be used in the analysis of a claim of design patent infringement and that the 'ordinary observer' test should be the sole test for determining whether a design patent has been infringed.

[ ] The issue remains whether , 589 F.3d 1237 (internal quotations omitted).

Currently they just don’t have any effective form of oversight; quality is hardly imposed from the outside, except perhaps the Supreme Court, the EPC (old), and so on.

Why are so many bogus patents granted in the first place?

The defendant on other hand had to file a response within three days to the ITC notice.

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