Is ashanti still dating nelly

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I'm not good with that type of emotion so I tend to engulf myself in work and engulf myself in trying to keep moving on so maybe it will fade away, but it never does. When I first came out, people doubted me in the same way. The industry did a full 360, so it's like night and day now.

I think I work best when I'm "the underdog." I think it works for me because it worked for me in the very beginning, and I think it's working for me now. It's a song selling industry; it's a single selling industry right now.

(Laughs) And that's just not the reality of it, but that's how you feel.

Sometimes interpretation is misleading because it comes from a different point of view.

I'm not saying this is a classic album because obviously that’s for the fans to decide. N: I reunited with Kelly Rowland again on a song called "Gone," which was produced by Jim Johnson who also produced The-Dream's last album. I'm just going to work through it so whatever they want to call it however they want to see it, it's here now and I'm excited about it. N: Definitely I think I've changed as a person. Even when I was doing "Brass Knuckles," I went through so much with losing my sister in ‘05, and six months later I lost my grandfather and a couple of months a go I lost my cousin.

Two months after that, I lost my other grandfather, so you just go through so much.

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I try to give ideas but sometimes I'm over the top.

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