Is brendon urie dating sarah orzechowski

at the Disco and also one of the most attractive and talented people to walk this earth.

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Here are some fact you didn’t know about the couple’s fairytale engagement and wedding.

Brandon Urie confirmed in September 2011 that he’s engaged to be married to Sarah.

She also promotes skin products on the platform, projecting them to be free of chemicals and other ingredients that can lead to cancer.

Additionally, her Instagram account is also used for philanthropic purposes to appeal to fans to make donations of money and relief materials to the victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

Their love story is not short of a fairytale as they met in the most adorable way and nothing could keep them apart.

The first time they met was during a musical tour when Sarah, an ardent fan, approached Urie for a chat.

at the Disco lead vocalist Brendon Urie secured Sarah Orzechowski a spot under the spotlight but what she wasn’t ready for was the hate that followed.

Apparently, living your life in the limelight has its downsides, especially if you are very active on social media.

After sharing their vows, the couple danced together to the song by Journey with Sarah looking absolutely stunning.

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