Is rainie yang and show luo dating Video cam asian datting

On the 28th of October, at approximately 6pm, Show & Rainie appeared outside a restaurant in Taipei.As soon as Show got out of his car, he immediately ran to Rainie's car and made faces against the window, and even imitated a monkey scratching itself.There was one night when staff members walked past Rainie's manager's room, and heard music coming from the room and Rainie's laughter.

" And Rainie answered him using the dialogue in the drama, making Show burst into laughter at the airport.

Towards this kind of chemical reaction, Show's manager expresed: "Rainie is a very straightforward girl, and Show really admires girls like her, but their relationship is just like siblings." And as for Rainie visiting Show at work in the middle of the night, Show's manager explained: "That day was because Rainie's assistant came to find me, and after Rainie finished recording, she was also in the neighbourhood, so she came to visit.

Afterwards, the 2 each left separately in their own cars. Ten minutes later, Show also headed in and went into the same room.

The 2 stayed in there for over 2 hours, and afterwards, they again came out one after the other. Show & Rainie previously were not on good terms, but have turned into good friends after filming ' Hi My Sweetheart' together.

But seriously..this is true, okay, that's great especially because both are busy and need support. everyone knows it is kinda impossible they would date each other but i don't mind if they do. They're just having fun and keeping in contact while they can.

But it's doubtful (otherwise, Rainie's had like...10 boyfriends now, considering she's been rumored with each and every co-star she's acted with, from Mike He to Wilber Pan to Jiro Wang). even though its only a sibling thing but i dont mind if both of them get together [quote]All this persisted until the following year, when the 2 had to perform together again in Sydney, Australia.[/quote]I cant believe they performed in Sydney and i missed it darn...i wonder what performance it was?? Sharp-eyed staff members revealed that after filming, the 2 have developed a 'personal friendship'; not only romantically dancing together in their pajamas, but earlier, reporters witnessed the 2 going to sing KTV together, celebrating Show's assistant's birthday together and Rainie even visited Show at the recording studio in the middle of the night.Their relationship is definitely progressing very rapidly.[b]Show Luo secretly meets with Rainie Yang; relationship turning very ambiguous[/b][url=" Media reporters believe that the 2 are not just on-screen lovers, but their relationship in real life seems to have sparked a subtle chemistry reaction. act=image&pid=824474"][img] [url=" [b]Sarah[/b] @ [url=" collaborating together in idol drama ' Hi My Sweetheart', Show Luo & Rainie Yang have turned from enemies into good friends.Last Sunday was ' Hi My Sweetheart's premiere broadcast, and that night, Show had just arrived back in Taiwan from Hong Kong.

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