Isha koppikar dating Irna sex

The company was established by his father Rama Narang and uncle Manu Narang.

The company was one of the leading caterers for airlines and Timmy slowly learned the tricks of the business. He owns the Lush restaurant and grill at The Palladium, Mumbai.

Isha had tears in her eyes and that was the perfect moment for her.

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The coupled got hitched in 2009 and are happily married till date.

In 2014, the coupled had a beautiful baby girl who they name Rianna. The notorious Pooja Mishra made the headlines in 2014 when she accused Timmy and his brother Sanjay of molestation.

In an interview with TOI in 2014, Pooja revealed that she was molested by both the brothers since the past nine years.

She had filed a claim to recover the damages she had suffered over the past nine years.

Both tied the knot in Los Angeles and news of their wedding came as a shock to many The 'Dhak Dhak' girl and Sanjay Dutt were subjected to relationship rumours for a long time in the 1990s.

Post their alleged split Madhuri became busy with her film career.

In an interview with TOI, Isha spilled the beans about her love life and how her relationship with Timmy went to the next level. Isha described Timmy as the “perfect gentleman” on that day.

It is hard to digest that Timmy and Isha knew each other for more than two years before dating! By the time Timmy called her up, Isha had already made plans with her friends. Isha went on to add that Timmy was her best friend and his understanding nature was one of the many qualities which made her fall for him.

He even completed a course in International Business from the United States.

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