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Accordingly, the court concluded that when viewed collectively the allegations did not constitute a strong inference of scienter.

Backdating stock options could negatively affect a company’s credit rating, says a report issued Monday by Moody’s Investor Services.

Investigators also concluded that options had been misdated, but not backdated.

Prosecutors and the SEC are probing several companies whose executives received options in company stock at low prices just before big jumps in share prices.

"For some period of time now, it's been abundantly clear that these are not merely episodic instances," Cox told reporters at the SEC following a summit about protecting senior-citizen investors from fraud.

He said that "widespread problems" have existed, particularly during the 1990s.

The stringent pleading standards incorporated by Congress in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act continue to have a significant impact on private securities actions. As a result, earnings were overstated by $54.3 million. The compensation program at the company authorized issuing stock options to officers, directors and employees.

The circuit court began by rejecting the district court’s conclusion about false statements.

In reaching its conclusion about false statements, the district court concluded that the complaint failed to adequately plead a backdating scheme by the executive officers since it lacked facts about the particular involvement of any individual defendant. The standard for scienter in the Eleventh Circuit is “severe recklessness.” Although the plaintiffs did not plead particularized facts that any individual officer knew about the option practices, they claim that the restatement is a virtual admission of liability, particularly in view of its magnitude.Grants may need to be adjusted from as far back as 1996.The company has responded to an informal inquiry from the SEC and a subpoena from the U. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York, and it continues to cooperate with both.Likewise, plaintiff’s claims regarding the trading of various executives also fails to support its claims.Again without context such as the history of the individual’s trades, the claim can not be evaluated.The company could receive an additional six-month extension if the NYSE permits it.

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