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Perhaps best known for his role as Jasper Hale in the Twilight Saga films, he has also starred in various other film and tv series including White Collar, The Last Airbender and Aim High.

's premiere with exclusive interviews, pictures, giveaways, quizzes, and more! ) days until Edward and Bella's love affair comes to life on-screen, we think we've found the perfect distraction: Jackson Rathbone, the hottie who plays Jasper Hale, Edward's "brother" in the movie.

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” What did doing this as a web series allow for, that you wouldn’t have been able to do on TV? But, at the end of the day, the easiest training is just human instinct. What does it say about high school that being a teenage assassin seems easier? They would use a cattle prod and just shock me, or throw boiling water on me, or fire a gun next to my head, to get me out of bed. Amy, did this compare to your high school experience, in any way? I graduated when I was 15, so I didn’t have the traditional high school experience.

RATHBONE: It’s interesting, we got out of the constraints of network television. Jackson, did you have to do a lot of training to convincingly play a top spy? I trained in martial arts when I was younger, and then I did a lot of training for . When someone is swinging a knife at you, just avoid getting cut. I hated going to school, mainly because my sister would drive me and she would put her make-up on while she drove. I just kept going, for all four years, and condensed it down.

With a look and feel equal to the quality of any TV show or big screen movie, this fully interactive web series certainly seems like a sign of things to come.

And, if all of that wasn’t tough enough, Nick is interested in Amanda ( star Aimee Teegarden), a cool rocker chick dating the captain of the school’s championship swim team.

We shot with 7Ds and 5Ds, as the cameras we used, and we did it all in eight days, but it looks aesthetically like any show that would be on a network.

Now, with the personalization integration, we have something that no one has ever done before. AIMEE TEEGARDEN: When I came on, the character was pretty developed, but it was really fun to shoot.

RATHBONE: My buddy has a TV in our house, but I don’t watch TV much.

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