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Similarly, in the Vezina and Herbert review article [7], some studies found that women with African American, Hispanic, and Asian-American backgrounds were at increased risk for dating violence victimization, while other studies identified those same groups to be at decreased risk.Thus, while results appear to be mixed in dating violence research with community samples it is, nonetheless, still important to examine this variable among high-risk young women, because the effects may be clearer among youth from high-risk The measurement of dating violence varies among research studies, and this may impact the prevalence rate reported.Four key variables, age, ethnicity, questionnaire, and timeframe, have been shown to impact the occurrence of dating violence in community samples and, thus, are likely to influence its prevalence in high-risk groups as well.

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Despite some variation in rate, intimate partner violence can continue across developmental stages, as it has been shown that adolescent girls who experience dating violence victimization are significantly more likely to continue as both victims and perpetrators of dating violence in young adulthood [14].

Ethnic minority group has been identified in several studies as a moderator for the prevalence rate of dating violence victimization and perpetration.

Our meta-analysis of the quantitative articles indicated that 34% (CI = 0.24–0.45) of high-risk young women report that they have been victims of physical dating violence and 45% (CI = 0.31–0.61) of these young women report perpetrating physical dating violence.

Significant moderator variables included questionnaire and timeframe.

However, this pattern may not hold for all forms of dating violence.

For example, moderate and severe physical and sexual violence perpetration have been shown to peak at around 17 years of age, and then decrease in young adulthood.

Meta-synthesis of the qualitative studies revealed that high-risk young women report perpetrating dating violence to gain power and respect, whereas women report becoming victims of dating violence due to increased vulnerability.

It is widely known that a young woman’s personal background and life experiences impact her chances for both positive and negative outcomes.

Dating violence is a key issue for young women as it is associated with many negative and long-lasting consequences [5].“High-risk” refers to youth, ages 12–25 years old, who are more likely to experience interpersonal and intrapersonal distress, such as dating violence, as a result of adverse environmental circumstances [6].

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