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Thrones Thrones' appearance is perhaps the most bizarre of the first grouping.They are said to look like great glowing wheels covered with many eyes.Ancient art depicts cherubim as sphinx-like, winged creatures with human faces, not the fat babies with wings that now grace greeting cards and book covers.

These entities emanate vibrations, or waves, of devotional love into the universe1.

Seraphim These are the angels who are closest to God.

We may be able to speak directly to God through prayer, but according to the Bible, he reaches us through a variety of angels, each with distinct duties.

There are nine types of angels within three major groups known as choirs.

There are only four of them and each has four faces and six wings.

When they come to Earth, they leave their serpent appearance behind, preferring tall, thin, clean-cut human embodiments.2.They serve as God's chariot and dispense his judgment in order to carry out his desires for us.The angels in the second choir can exist in a state of transition between the celestial and human worlds.Cherubim (Plural of Cherub)These angels are the keepers of celestial records and hold the knowledge of God.They are sent to Earth with great tasks, such as expelling humankind from the Garden of Eden.They are considered heavenly governors, attempting to strike a balance between matter and spirit, good and bad.

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