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Still, Jeff Robinov, the head of film production at Warner Bros., where the Clooney–Steven Soderbergh production company Section Eight had a deal until the partners closed shop last year, dismisses the notion that Clooney has anything to answer for.

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John krasinski renee zellweger dating

“The cashier at the supermarket has a pretty good idea what he’s about,” says Tony Gilroy, who directed the actor in this fall’s Michael Clayton.

“There is no other guy there.”Asked to describe working with Clooney, Gilroy confirms just what the cashier may have suspected: He’s a charmer. He doesn’t have to buy the crew a bunch of sweatshirts to get them on his side,” Gilroy says.

“He’s a good hang, always.” And so he proves to be.

Clooney is clearly used to commanding attention, and like a CEO or a small-town mayor he makes easy use of his status.

“I can’t make a call on mine.”The film is set in the Twenties, when football is beginning to rouse itself from the cow pasture, and a few enterprising fellows such as Clooney’s Jimmy “Dodge” Connelly are just tapping into the game’s commercial potential.

Clooney first saw the script in 1993, when he could perhaps more credibly have played the lead role on the 50-yard line.

He has rewritten it substantially, adding jokes about his status as the league’s most geriatric player.

“You can’t try to hide your age,” Clooney reasons, “and you can’t try to pretend it isn’t there.

The polo shirt he wears reveals a trim but hardly muscular physique.

He does move, though, with the loose-limbed ease of a younger man, thanks to his regular pickup games on the basketball court.

He speaks fluently, never in a rush to make his point, but always moving toward one, whether the topic is film or politics.

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