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It reminded me of the work I am set out to do, and the potential I can fulfil, and really do not need to obsess or over think about relationships until I am ready!Many people see marriage as this happy eternal bliss, but it isn't.

This is very difficult to do, but we must keep this in mind, and at least be aware when we situations become temptations.

Joshua Harris shares a dream he has had, which is similar to what many people would've heard before about the "Sin Room".

This chapter focuses on aspects we can do to keep in a state of purity, and what we should focus on instead, such as family, accountability and pleasing God.

I think it is important to strip yourself of everything that clouds you, and then rebuild from there, as it means you start anew and can bring everything that's important into your life and instead of removing bad bits bit by bit, you can get rid of it all straight away.

Looking past appearances, it is important to see the person within. So instead of judging your future spouse by their looks, start seeing their character.

What should we do once we HAVE found that special someone and feels mature to pursue the relationship? The chapter talks about methods of advancing the relationship healthily, and ways to build the relationship up for marriage.

Patience is the key, and to enjoy the gift of singleness.

Many people look to start relationships and spend their time hunting their other half, when they could better use their time to serve God or otherwise. We must set standards that are WAYY above the world's. It is easy to succumb step by step but if we remove ourselves from even these minute possibilities, we are able to remain in truth.

What would you feel if all your sins and everything you've done was written in a room? This chapter tells us that our sins have been forgiven due to Jesus' death on the cross, which means we can start again and rebuild our relationship with God.

Personally, it is a great reminder to me that yes, I have sinned, but what am I going to do about it?

It also warns of intimacy not through physical aspects but also can be mentally and in other forms.

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