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Now, with me, at one time her closest friends, her virtual sister, she is ostracizing me. Every time I hear them mention his name it makes me sick to my stomach. On a happier note, it was so nice and refreshing to see Doug and Lydia celebrating her birthday and their magazine. When Tamra had her heartfelt phone conversation with her mom about the pain that comes from avoiding conflict and her desire to talk through difficult topics, I wish she would implement that in her life and learn from it. She should listen to her heart and take her own advice.Gabrielle is pregnant from her gardener John and Carlos and Gaby decided to tease him.

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Julie dating desperate housewives

Mike is still in a coma, 6 months after he was run down by Orson. When Gaby has to take care of Xiao-Mei, who are carrying Carlos and Gabrielle's child, it really makes her furious, since she was the woman Carlos was cheating with. He is suffering from amnesia, and can't remember anything from the day he moved to Wisteria Lane.

Edie is there when Mike wakes up, and since she is in love with Mike she tells him that Susan treated him like dirt, and she never really loved him.

My sentiments to Tamra are this: Stop trying to turn my friends against me.

Stop trying to destroy my life with your accusations.

Opening restaurants are extremely risky, especially in Orange County.

To operate the business to be successful, it must have a solid partnership agreement, solid business plan and be funded properly or it won’t succeed.

Then she caught herself and modified that to say they talked occasionally. At the risk of incurring Tamra’s wrath, yet again, I am going to point out what Tamra has highlighted, that she is ostracized from her daughter. Is it life altering to her that I had a private conversation about Eddie with Kelly? Then in the limo with Shannon when she is spinning what happened she repeats her big lie again, that I lied about “Brooks having cancer”. I have explained over and over again about my past relationship with him and she doesn't want to hear or listen to me. Hasn't she read his statements that I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM REVEALING HIS FALSE RECORDS…THAT WAS 100% HIS DOING. I can’t figure out why they are SO fixated on him!!

I am not judging that or placing blame on anyone, just reiterating what Tamra has said. Anything to hurt the person she perceives hurt her. Did I steal from her, murder someone or do something unethical? I have lost three loved ones in the recent past from cancer and it’s disgusting to hear her keep saying this. I am the one who was hurt, I am the one who lost time and money by dating him which I will never get back. I’ll never know why he did what he did, but it’s been over 2 1/2 years and I’m trying to move on.

The “spoiling” of Lydia is what every woman dreams of and she is one lucky lady.

I had no idea that Shannon was thinking about opening a restaurant and I’m with David on his apprehension on this.

Lydia is a breath of fresh air, and a true Christian woman and I love being around her.

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