Jw dating service

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2018-03-28 LEGAL DEVELOPMENTS Two Witnesses were sentenced to one-year prison terms for refusing military service.

The government still does not recognize the fundamental right of conscientious objection and offers no alternative to military service.

Those who break the rules face required judicial committee meetings comprised of Elders.

If found guilty and/or non-repentant, JW's fear disfellowshipping, disassociation, and being shunned by everyone they hold dear, including family.

When it comes to dating and marriage in the JW faith, all parties have fantasies, including the organization. You will learn how the organization interferes with dating and marriage.

The organization and the beliefs of JW's about the organization, makes it almost impossible to create a happy, loving, and lasting relationship with a JW if you're an outsider with no plans of changing your religion.Matthew -51 Hence they've set up judicial committees to enforce God's laws based on their interpretation of the Bible. A Christian's symbol for salvation is Jesus, - never a religious organization.Matthew 7:1; Luke ; Matthew ,19; 1 John ; Jude ; John 17:3 The organization has very strict dating and marriage rules that must be followed within their faith.Watchtower Sept 1989 JW's believe that rebellion against the organization is the path of Satan, who also rebelled against God.JW's believe that if they disobey the organization, they are rebelling against God.The organization believes Jesus appointed them as his 'faithful and discreet slave' in these final days before armageddon. Also Jesus clearly told his followers NOT to judge.

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