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”Here I’ve compiled all of the true hookups between the people on these casts, past and present.I’ve listed the “confirmed” hookups, which are either on camera, off camera, might not have been on a Challenge, but many have pointed to the them happening.The one thing Colbert f–ked up was inviting Sean Spicer to make a cameo. Or was it part of Colbert’s master plan to remind people how much they hated Spicey? Anyway, besides the Sean Spicer stuff, most people appreciated that Colbert didn’t shy away from political humor, at least that’s how it seemed to me. Kellyanne Conway slammed the Emmys in an interview on Monday: President Donald Trump has yet to weigh in on Sunday’s Emmycast, in which he seemed to be the direct or indirect target of attacks and barbs across an array of speeches and punchlines.

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This is the same Kelly Anne who gave one of her roommates a lapdance in the confessional room during the first week in Sydney, but whatever -- she's become instantly Amish.

Back in the house, Cohutta quizzed Kelly Anne about how her date went, and was obviously a little giddy that the guy turned out to be a dweeb.

Jamie pouts, “Now I have to do this with some girl who I personally think belonged in a mental hospital.” Once you stir Kelly Anne up, she stays hot, “He’s disgusting. We don’t see eye to eye.” Can these two put the fireworks on hold and focus on the game?

Or is it just a matter of time before these ticking bombs explode?

The Challenge is a show about competition and drunken debauchery.

When they’re not competing, the next most important thing is “who’s fucking who?

Not one to bite her tongue, Kelly Anne's outspoken bravado could spell trouble in a game where rocking the boat can sink her chances and get her booted.

Bio: Bold, outspoken and funny as hell, Kelly Anne may not seem like Challenge material at first glance.

Bio: Jamie waltzed into the Challenge house on a high fresh off of his win on Battle of the Bloodlines, but his smile quickly vanished when he was partnered with outspoken Kelly Anne.

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