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A number of Indiana libraries -- Monroe County, Vigo County, Allen County, and Elkhart among them -- keep death or obituary indexes, which you can browse online to locate an individual announcement.Such a search would most likely yield a reference to the obituary as it was published in the newspaper.

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You can request a copy of the obituary either in electronic or in paper format.

Unlike nationwide online databases, these library indexes span much longer periods, starting from the 19th century to the present day, which makes their collections much more comprehensive, especially since these are regional libraries focusing on local newspapers.

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While many of them have limited amounts of data, big ones like Legacy.com, Ancestor Search, Dignity Memorial, and Obituary Central, to mention but a few, have rather extensive resources.

Online databases get their information from newspapers, and in most cases are the best sources of more recent obituaries.

Because of this, you may want to consider starting your search with online obituary databases, which include information from a wide variety of print and digital media, as well as from official records like the Social Security Death Index. The third source of information about obituaries is public libraries.

Every library has a collection of newspaper records, national and local.

This would be the full name of the person about whose life you want to find out more.

Online databases can perform name-based searches or more advanced ones, which include additional details such as place and date of death.

Note that not all of them have websites, but all of them have newspaper collections, which you can use in your search.

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