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It is possible that they separated because of the distance they had throughout the years.

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He has a close relationship with some women but there is not much information of his ideal type.

Kim Jong-min doesn’t talk about marriage, maybe he wants to focus on his career. His work is probably more important than finding a significant other for the moment. There are no rumors as to where he has previously been to dates, either.

He is a member of the K-pop group Koyote and since 2007, has been a cast member of the variety show 2 Days & 1 Night.

One of the most prolific variety stars in Korean television, Kim has won Grand Prize (Daesang) and Top Excellence awards in his career.

The singer further wrote, "I'm really sorry for him because of this sudden break out of news since he's a basketball player who's currently focusing on his upcoming season."The Koyote's only female member revealed that they were friends for a while and became a lot closer after his season ended.

Shin-ji added, "I'm a celebrity and he's a sports star so we considered each other's professions while dating.

He made his solo comeback on 3 September 2014 as he released his third single, "Sali Go Dali Go", an electronic dance music composed by Dan Di.

The music video of featured Chun Myung-hoon (NRG) and comedian Ahn Young-mi. 8 on China's popular music video sharing site, Yinyuetai.

Hopefully we can hear some stories from him in the future.

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