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I know applying this will only strengthen my integrity as an artist and person.When all is said and done I want to die exhausted and empty because I gave everthing that was in me.You witness his life through each of the eight Black men.

No one likes to be typecast, but I would like to believe that the attention I get is for my acting but at the same time darn it, if I get to keep playing the handsome, smart guy then that’s also a blessing and it’s the last thing I would complain about. R.: I’m trying to be careful about my choices and take advantage of the specific appeal I do have. Brown’s (David Mann) nephew, his sister Vera’s (Jenifer Lewis) son. I’m a gynecologist and my family is country, but I love them dearly. Naturally, there are always going to be people waiting outside to try and see if they can make something out of nothing. Don’t get me wrong everyone has a right to self-preservation, but it really bugs me when a person is so self-consumed that they don’t care how it affects other people as long as her wants and needs are met.

I hope that in some way my appeal helps to add some depth to the characters I choose. I have a lot of guys tell me that they relate to me because I represent the real everyday dudes. Rick Fox plays Harry Beltin, my boy from back in the day and I introduce him to my cousin Brenda (Angela Basset). And please, I’m a patient man, but please don’t ever try to give me an attitude and run a guilt trip on me. R.: Well right now hip-hop artists are such huge commodities so the film industry integrates them into film because of their draw.

My brother is the reason that I’ll always give back to the community because we have to help or young Black men and young people. Sorry to hear of your loss, but so happy that you channeled that negative into a positive to help others. I even had an NFL bid, but I was trying to be more creative than athletic.

In addition to studying the arts in high school I understand you played some semi-pro ball overseas? Well it’s nice to know you have brawn and brains with a Masters in Education too. So was a career in academia too stifling for your creative spirit? R.: (Laughs) Not really once I made the decision to go to grad school, I asked myself the infamous question, What would I do for free?

I modeled, booked commercials, appeared in plays, sang.

I even know how to put up stage lights because I had to learn that in my high school.

However, I don’t think they should be rewarded musically and given other opportunities if they are all about promoting poor examples of Black women across the globe.

The images they portray of Black women severely misinform other cultures who listen to hip-hop and watch those videos about our women.

Although he and I faced some of the same things in our community, his choices made it difficult for him to remove himself from those experiences.

But I thank God for the arts, which I can say saved me from the same fate because I traveled so far from my school, The Duke Ellington School of the Arts ,and spent nearly the entire day there. In fact, I still play ball competitively because it helps keep me stay in shape.

At the end of the day, it’s more a matter of economics than race.

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