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It may affect the lawyer’s decision on whether or not to take the matter, and whether to assign you as a paralegal on that matter.

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A divorce lawyer and a client should never have a sexual relationship during the case.

This does not, however, settle the question as to whether a paralegal can ethically date a client once the professional relationship is over.

Some other reasons why you should try to become romantically involved with your lawyer: that he has represented his fiancee for the past five years, which suggests that he has expertise in this matter.

"There are fundamental constitutional ramifications here," he says.

recently filed a 75-page brief with the Connecticut statewide grievance committee arguing that laws limiting relationships between lawyers and their clients are "unconstitutional." Not only that, lawyers tend to work harder for clients whom they date. Lawyers are busy people working high-pressure jobs with demanding clients constantly fighting for their attention.

What better way to stand out among pack than by offering the special gifts of sex and companionship?“My advice to a woman going through a divorce is, find a competent trial lawyer and make him your boyfriend.” Zelotes told the Norwich Tribune that the disciplinary panel report was “replete with errors” and he’s willing to take the issue all the way to the U. Zelotes tells the Norwich Bulletin he has moved to Pennsylvania “for love” and has been representing his fiancée for five years.He also challenged a bankruptcy law barring lawyers from counseling clients to take on more debt.The Connecticut Law Tribune reported on Zelotes’ case earlier this month.The disciplinary panel said the evidence was insufficient that Zelotes’ relationship with the woman was sexual.“When you are representing someone you have love and affection for, you’re going to work twice as hard and there’s no question about it.

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