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The South Korean actor has a solid fan base not just in his own country but across the globe.He was known to be a good, handsome actor after he starred in some of the dramas like “School 2013,” “I Can Hear Your Voice,” “Doctor Stranger,” “Pinocchio” and “” Some of his fans are wondering if he is dating someone right now. As of writing, Lee Jong Suk is not yet in a relationship however, he was tied or shipped to several women he had worked with before.

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Before he entered into acting profession, he went into modelling at the age of 15.

He made his way for the first time at the Seoul Collection walkway in 2005, which makes him the youngest male model to debut at the Seoul Fashion Week.

Fans of Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye believed that the couple is in a relationship after they showed undeniable chemistry on-screen for their drama, “Pinocchio.” In June 2015, the on-screen couple was reported by Dispatch Korea to be in a relationship but they denied the reports saying, they are just co-stars and good friends.

Dispatch released footages confirming the couple’s secret date and travels together.

After watching this drama, I’m in love with Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon, but I was a little disappointed as I was expecting more romantic scenes between them towards the end :( Fantastic plot with a lot of unexpected twists. One of the most well-written drama's I've ever seen. I hear some music in drama background and it's totally nice. Great storytelling, outstanding performance by all casting members, two thumbs up to the writer and director, amazing Corporate corporations must & most popular stories of greed among the greedy ones So sad. They aren't going to be lovely dovey while going through all this, instead, for the mean time, they just kind of comfort each other on the way.

Drama where lovers become enemies (KY & PSY) and enemies become lovers (LBY & LSY). Don't think that viewer didn't pay attention to this. I was curious who is the lead actor here because of this drama....looks familiar think I've seen his other dramas...now I know his name Lee Sang Yoon.......he's so tall, that dimples..he is so attractive and hot here....this was a bit longer and new problems arise where thay solve it together with the lead actress...have this unspoken chemistry evident in ep 1 too bad not much lovey dovey and duo smart kicking ass.... But I enjoyed their scenes together hahaa There are mistake In the scene of this drama...there are scene when the Female cast , shin young joo find a package In a van.state that the package is from sabah,indonesia...is actually sabah ,malaysia . I binged watched in two days and it's not a decision I regret. It's romance, while light, is weirdly wholesome and cheesy but cute.

I love you so much oppa Intense drama, full of twists. -The bargaining power of different secrets is somewhat unrealistic. The storyline is good and all the actors chemistry also good. And also for the people who keep asking for romance, please remember that romance is not the main focus here.

People often get phone calls at critical moments that allows them to make different decisions, thereby changing the direction of the plot. This is first time i watch this kind of drama, usually i hate political crime drama but Whisper is too good and i'm not regret watching it. It dragged on for two or three episodes that bored me but I kept hanging in there watching it. they mean everything that's happening translates to nothing significant. 17 episodes to see the only significant event - the fall of taebaek This drama has been amazing from ep 1 until now so i don't know why people are saying it's going too slow or whatever.

He then participated in SBS TC station’s selection for new actors when he was in middle school.

With all his hardwork, he made his official acting debut in South Korean TV drama series, “Prosecutor Princess” and was cast in a supporting role in the famous drama “Secret Garden” in 2010.

He subsequently won an MBC Drama Award for his role in the television series Home Sweet Home. For their work in My Daughter Seo-young, he and Lee Bo-young were co-recipients of the 2012 KBS Drama Awards' "Best Couple" honor.

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