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Wasn’t this low-stakes, looks-based approach to sex and dating the opposite of what women were looking for? — be after the same things from online dating as men?“It feels honest,” says Eliza, who thinks the app’s reputation helps all users take things a little less seriously.“There isn’t the pressure to find the love of your life immediately.

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Maybe a truly female-friendly app is not one that allows women to conceal their location or pair up with a pal or send a customized questionnaire or block trolls.

Maybe it’s one that demands all users stop hiding behind their phones and say exactly who they are.

And none of these apps has done away with one factor that can make online dating a precarious proposition for women: the relative anonymity.

I knew Cat Guy had a beard, and he seemed to have a cat, but that’s about all I knew.

One of Bumble’s features — in fact, its most interesting one — operates similarly, tagging all sent photos with the user’s first name and profile picture.

(If we were accountable in real life for the indiscretions we com Online-dating services rely on anonymity and ease; those features keep the experience popular, but they also keep the culture toxic for women.

But I had to do something or I’m on Bumble, another addition to the ever-expanding world of “female-friendly” dating apps.

It’s also a place where men can speak only when spoken to.

effort, and one of the cardinal sins of online dating: a limp, useless message that invites no response and demonstrates no creativity.

My “Hey” hangs sadly in the air beside my profile picture, first name and age, unlikely to be returned.

The key to getting tons of attention, a boatload of subscribers, and a massive audience of raving fans is to write epic content.

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