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She’s appeared in campaigns for Victoria’s Secret PINK line and has been featured in publications such as headed to next year’s Sundance Film Festival.And while it’s no secret that Di Caprio has a long history of dating models, he hasn’t added Morrone to the list.

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A source close to the actor, who Gossip Cop has known for two decades, similarly assures us on background that he did not get “flirty” with the star.

In fact, our insiders both tell us there’s a good chance they’ll each be spotted within the next few days with the real people they’re dating (hint: Di Caprio seeing another model, while Watson new man is a singing actor).

Related: Blake Celebrates Her 30th Birthday With A Star-Studded Bash Joshua Safran, the show's executive producer, recalled Blake's 2011 relationship with the A-lister when they were filming in Los Angeles. episodes, Blake was dating [Di Caprio] at the time, and she had this thing where she had a doll that she took photos of that she sent to Leo.

And he revealed one very interesting tidbit: "We learned a lot from Blake.

Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the romance rumors. The movie stars were spotted chatting at CAA’s pre-Oscars party in Los Angeles last Friday, which has prompted to speculate they might be a new couple.

The unreliable magazine notes that Di Caprio usually dates models, but goes on to say he may have “finally found his perfect match” in the actress.Leonardo Di Caprio has been inside more models than every rolled up dollar bill on the planet combined, but to his credit, the guy is more serial monogamist than heartless womanizer.Though he often trades the women in his life in for newer models in the most literal sense, it seems the splits are usually amicable and Leo's exes never seem to have anything bad to say about their time with Hollywood's most notorious playboy.It's not unusual for wealthy, middle-aged men to trade in their sports cars for newer models every year, but Leonardo Di Caprio takes Crisis Hedonism to the next level by trading in his models for newer models every year.In fairness, he's been doing this for his entire adult life, the whole thing is just a bit sleazier-feeling now that Leo is 42.As you may have heard, the 2018 Oscars were held last night, and while the event was met with a collective shrug and record low ratings, it was an interesting ceremony for a number of reasons.

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