Life derek dating game part 1

Season 2 opens with Derek asking Casey's best friend, Emily, out for a date, Casey has to wonder: Is he really interested in Emily, or is this some kind of revenge for "stealing" Sam?

When the quadriceps tendon in the thigh tears, the muscle is no longer anchored to the kneecap.

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In his mind, her refusal to submit only encourages him, and makes the activity more challenging.

His younger brother Edwin Venturi is his trusted accomplice and lackey.

However, it's shown in a few episodes that they don't totally dislike each other.

In the episode "The Fall", Derek insists he's only helping Casey's rep because if she looks bad, he looks bad, but it's made pretty obvious that Lizzie's statement, "She's your sister too," actually got to him.

Though Derek doesn't seem much like an older brother in most respects, he does have the older-brother instincts when it comes to Marti.

Derek would do nearly anything for Marti - including dressing up as a princess.

At home mostly what Casey fights for is for the Venturi and the Mac Donald family to have the same power over the house.

In an episode where Derek finds out that Casey's new boyfriend is cheating on her, Derek is quick to rescue Casey and reveal what a jerk her boyfriend is.

Although, as the show advances, it's shown that Derek is actually starting to have a more brother/sister relationship with Casey.

Same as Derek, Casey knows when her stepbrother is not playing and needs help.

He takes pride in charming his father, his peers, their parents, and seasoned teachers. He also spends a considerable amount of time thinking about, and talking to girls, completing the "macho male" stereotype.

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