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When you first log onto Discord, you’ll have to create a server for your chat where you can invite your friends.

Click on the plus sign on the extreme left of Discord to create a server.

One thing to note: different channels can be set to be accessed by different roles.

Now that I know Discord exists, I’ll use Discord always for voice communication since Skype takes a lot of time to load and makes my games to lag and drop frames.

I award 4.8 stars to Discord for its simplicity and low CPU usage.

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Discord looks attractive with its black and dark grey skin.

Discord does not charge a single cent for communication.

The best part about Discord is its low latency and CPU usage.

If you use Skype to chat with your fellow gamers during a gaming session, then am sure you’ll experience frame drops in your game. Sponsored Links However if you are not satisfied with Discord, then make sure you check out this list of free voice chat software.

Now you can voice chat with your friends very easily.

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