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Finally—and this is a no-brainer—no real relationship is able to survive on the aforementioned unhappiness and fakery, the results of self-compromise.

And anyway, why do you want a relationship with a guy who wants you to change? Hello, you’re awesome just as you are, and you deserve someone who appreciates that huge and important fact. You have a good head on your shoulders and big dreams.

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So, aside from the inevitable messy breakup, what’s the problem with mismatched puzzle pieces?

When you change yourself in order to create a comfortable, fitting relationship for him, it’s bound to fail from day one. First and foremost, you are compromising who you really are for another person.

Now, when you put together a real puzzle, would you ever rip off a little section of your own piece just so that it would fit up against another? You may be frustrated that you haven’t found the corresponding shape yet, but you would never go so far as to mutilate your own piece of colored cardboard for another piece’s benefit. Sometimes you rip up your piece to match another in order to feel those initial moments of relationship bliss, hoping that in the long run your mismatched pieces don’t feel too smushed together. They soon will go from smushed to suffocating, no doubt about it. He was a rock-’n’-roller, and I’m very musically challenged.

Besides, your mom would probably yell at you for mangling her puzzle of the American flag or a Monet painting or whatever. You wouldn’t ruin your own piece just to complete the puzzle. So why, then, are you so willing to rip up your piece when it comes to your real life, your love life? Every girl has torn her piece to shreds for the “perfect” guy. I started listening to weird music and wearing studded bracelets to try to fit in with him. Let’s just say it ended quickly, and apart from my return to stone-encrusted jewelry, it left me feeling down in the dumps.

Your respectable amount of relationship knowledge comes from experiencing both good and bad partnerships. Other times you know you’ve been wronged and you give guys second chances who don’t deserve them. We’ll weed out all the losers and snag you a guy who deserves your time and attention.–24: YOU’RE IN THE THICK OF IT! You are in way, way too deep with some total tool bags.

Any guy who treats you badly does not deserve third, fourth, and fifth chances just because he is cute.

As a star on two reality shows, she is no stranger to drama and what comes along with it.

Now she is offering her advice gleaned from her and her famous friends' relationship experiences on dating and love.

You could be choosing the wrong guys and just need some honest advice from a friend (me!!

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