Lolipop dating

She was always on the phone to her family and constantly homesick so I finally took her back to see her family in Manila. Her first cousin Maricel was working as a bar girl very near to where we were staying so Jenny insisted we visit her the very evening we arrived.

As soon as we arrived and checked in to our hotel, Jenny shed the heavy UK clothing and slipped into the local sexy filipina dress of tight micro jean pants and mini tight lycra halter top and high heeled black shoes. As we walked down the street Jenny definitely turned heads and has drew lingering stares from the white male sex tourists.

We often watched hard core movies on the computer together while fucking, generally of two men fucking an asian woman and this made my wife cum hard.

I had met my stunning wife Jenny on an internet dating site.

Jenny is a very hot little brown Filipina girl of 26 years old.

When I dragged her to be sick in to toilets she raped me there and then, standing up in the toilets before she collapsed.

I took her home shocked and still aroused by her behavior.

She has gorgeous long flowing shinny black hair that cascades down her back all the way to her lovely shaped ass. Her hair is always meticulous, her blush and eyeliner neat and her nails painted red.

We spent many hours chatting online to each other every day.Jenny is your typical Filipina, smiling, very caring and attentive.Jenny told me that she worked in a call centre and that she was looking for a kind foreign man to marry because the local "pinoy" boys were all 'playboys' and unfaithful to their wives.She is petitie, about 5'1" tall maybe a hundred and five pounds.Her body is well-proportioned with round breasts, a slim waist, girlish hips and a tight firm little bottom.The next day Jenny had a terrible hang over and hardly remembered a thing. She smiled back at me happily and kissed me, saying: "Lets go out to the bar now.

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