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For some moments, he kept running his firm hands on my body for a while.

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I became a professional escort, but still I wanted to dawn an army dress for an hour.

I arrived wearing an army dress wearing a white shirt along with long skirt with an army cap on my head.

My client than lie on top of me and kissed me passionately on the lips. I loved it when he rolled his tongue inside my mouth. But, the best part of sex came when he kissed my clean pussy.

I got so excited at that moment that tears started coming out of my eyes.

He continued loving my bosom for some time till he laid me gently on the bed, spread my legs apart and inserted his hard cock deep inside my vagina.

I ran my hands over his back to encourage him to go further. It was quite obvious that he would be tired after such a long journey and indulging in sex with me. He gave me a goodbye kiss before leaving my apartment.He was quite a gentleman as he deleted the video soon after seeing it.He thanked me before leaving me and promised me to visit again.Overall, it was a great sexual experience which I would like to repeat again.I came to know of the popularity of Russian man when a British man visited my apartment specifically to satisfy his desire of mating with ravishing Russian woman.When he had satisfied me, he gave me a warm kiss on the lips and lie down beside me. I was semi conscious when he enjoyed me and had no idea what happened most of the time.

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