Marion jones dating

"It's not only new for me, but the team is new to Tulsa, Coach Richardson is new to women's basketball and even the BOK Center [the team's home arena] is new.

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"She's not worried about it at all," said Rich Nichols, her long-time attorney. ) Instead, her return gives us a chance to see that life can be lived beyond the pits in our own journey. Jones looks upon her return to competitive sports as much more than a chance to sweat again.

"She welcomes it."Moreover, what would be gained if she slinked away into ignominy? It's an opportunity to share a message."I've been blessed with a second chance, a shining example of second chances," she said.

Like the rest of us, she watched as the joke-gone-terribly-wrong (and his inability to let it go) backfired on Gilbert Arenas -- figuratively, of course.

Now, after he showed an illegal firearm to a teammate in the locker room, the fallen All-Star's season, image and freedom, and perhaps his $111 million contract, are up in smoke. She also watched as Tiger Woods' multiple marital transgressions caused an image/personal life/financial implosion the likes of which sports has never seen.

"I want to encourage people young and old to stop, take a break and make good choices and decisions in their lives."A 6-foot guard, she works out for three-plus hours three times each week in San Antonio (90 miles from her home) under the tutelage of San Antonio Silver Stars assistant Olaf Lange.

The sessions include an hour of "skills" drills (ballhandling, shooting off screens, one-dribble step-backs, etc.), a 90-minute scrimmage with several Silver Stars and guys from the area, and then weights with trainer Tonya Holley."The sweating, pushing your body where it thinks it shouldn't go, that's what I love the most," she said.

Right where they were."Everyone knows my story," she said, speaking from her home in Austin, Texas.

Indeed, like Arenas, Woods and too many others, Jones made the wrong decisions (lying) at the absolute wrong times. It's been almost 17 months since she was released from prison after serving a six-month sentence, the result of a plea deal stemming from her longtime denial about using steroids. But she shares their journey -- from the pedestal to the pits -- and is eager to share her "lessons learned" with any and everyone."How different am I? But while I was away for six months, I had a lot of time to reflect and ask, 'Why?

Still, she says, "I can't wait.""It's about basketball but it's bigger than that.

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