Marriages that resulted from teenage dating

These are just two examples from an extensive body of research that supports the continuity of relationship experiences.

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Thirty years later, my wife and I are still thankful that we made the decision to grow up together through our 20s.

But my father's apprehension in 1980 has become the trend of this new millennium.

Several researchers examining the attitudes toward first marriage of 800 young adults ages 19 through 26 use the term "marital horizon" to talk about what young adults think is the ideal age for getting married.

They found that having a more distant marital horizon was directly related to more risky premarital beliefs and behaviors.

For instance, waiting to get married often leads to more premarital sex, premarital cohabitation, and premarital births, which are all associated with higher rates of marital instability.

In addition, there is a smaller selection pool as you reach your early 30s (by age 30, 75 percent of the population are married).The starting point is a reconsideration of the claim that early marriages contribute to higher rates of divorce.There was a study conducted in 2002 by Tim Heaton that did find high rates of marital instability associated with young marriages, but the risks were with teen marriages.I like to refer to this attitude as "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Obviously, this cannot be true because what occurs in relationships, no matter how insignificant, carries some measure of influence on you, the way you think, and what you take into your next relationship.As scripture says in what is both an encouragement and a warning, "You reap what you sow." A sobering example of this was found in the research on women by Jay Teachman from Western Washington University.However, most do not realize that those who live together with just one partner other than the one they marry may increase their risk of divorce by 15 percent.

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