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“It might sound sexy to have an open relationship, especially to young people.

But the fact is most human beings are territorial they don’t like sharing, and they especially don’t like sharing someone they are in love with.”Elisabeth Sheff, author of the book “The Polyamorists Next Door,” said the key to making polyamory work is communication.

He said that when he was 18, he cheated on a girlfriend, which made him realize that monogamy might not work for him.

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Married dating personals louisville ky

Jason said his poly family resembles an extended family.“I’ve pulled kid duty when visiting my girlfriend and her husband,” Jason said.

“And they’ve asked if they can take our kids to an amusement park.

And according to a national study from June 2015, about 4 percent of the U. population admits to being in an open relationship, which amounts to about 12.8 million people, or roughly three times the population of Kentucky.

In Louisville, Hanson’s boyfriend Jason and his wife lead a support group of polyamorous couples.

I may be grossly naïve but that seems to be where they’re going.”He said he and his wife have only two rules: safe sex and “don’t be a jerk.” The latter has taken the place of a longer list they made when they first started exploring outside their marriage.“At first we had a page or two of rules, ‘Not in my bed,’ ‘don’t spend the night anywhere else,’ over time some of those just fell away,” Jason said.

“When she had her first relationship outside of me, the rest of them fell away.

At each meeting of the Louisville poly group, members write questions on notecards, and Jason’s wife moderates the ensuing discussion over lunch.

Perennial topics include scheduling, jealousy and public perceptions.“The problems of coordinating a two-person relationship are difficult enough, but when you add a third, fourth or fifth, then you start getting in to ‘who gets me on my birthday? “It can get overwhelming.”Polyamorists often see themselves as predisposed to their lifestyle, Jason added.

I want him to be happy and he wants me to be happy.”She said it’s a poly principle called “compersion” in which a person gains something emotionally when their significant other finds happiness in another relationship.

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