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However, I also believe strongly in the right to privacy and the protection of personal data.

After talking to their lawyers, and realizing that you don't have to fully comply with a subpoena -- but also that a subpoena can turn into a warrant which you do have to comply with -- the company worked with the law enforcement to try to limit the type of information requested, and eventually came to a compromise: Please read the subpoena carefully.

When you receive an official law enforcement document/request, like a subpoena, it can actually be pretty scary.

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I get some stupid dick who doesn’t realize I’m basically required to pester him/her about the REDCard if I want to keep my job.

Look people, I don’t fucking care if you buy a REDCard. I can see why REDCards are given out, it drives guest loyalty yeah, but honestly, it’s fucking stupid. Who would go through ALL THAT SHIT just to save $15 a month?

I want everyone to know that we take your data and privacy extremely seriously.

We guard it with the highest levels of security and confidentiality.

When the guy leaves, he says “Don’t even worry about it, C***, that guy was just a dickhead anyway,” which was pretty funny.

My problem is, this is basically a daily occurrence.

The request for 'all orders' seemed like they were casting a very wide net without cause. While I believe this legal process protects us all from wrong doing, turning over any piece of data goes against every fiber in my being.

Discussing this issue with our counsel and working with the law enforcement agency, we agreed to obtain the orders that had the product on it, not all orders as required by the subpoena. But without any further legal options, I made the decision to turn over the sub set of data.

Ironically, a car salesman asked me to work for him..

I’m well into my 30s now, and those decisions have been affecting my life every day since.

There I was paid to piss people off and swindle them out of their cash, which was fun. Very soon I will leave this shithole and never return, EVER.

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