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On 1 August 1943 at the first RSHA transport from the ghetto Bendsburg (Bedzin) with which the witnesses JACK and RACHEL ROZMARYN arrived; 5.

Department of Justice Criminal Division In the Matter of Josef Mengele A Report to the Attorney General of the United States October 1992 Exhibits Prepared by: Office of Special Investigations Criminal Division Neal M. Rosenbaum Principal Deputy Director IN THE MATTER OF JOSEF MENGELE LIST OF DOCUMENTS Page Warrant for Arrest 1 Establishment of DOA Task Force 44 Memo of Understanding re: Search of Army Intelligence Records 45 Map of Mengele's Movements 52 List of German Nationals Detained 53 List of Josef Mengeles 55 Documents Related to No Man's Land 56 Photograph of Schauenstein 61 Discharge Certificate 62 Discharge Directives 1-6 63 Wanted Lists 71 Inefficiencies at CROWCASS 83 Gorby Memorandum 86 Vilaaossag . December 15, 1946 88 JTS Dispatch, January 5, 1947 89 Mahnruf, January 31, 1947 90 Taylor Letter , January 19, 1948 .....

1968], released by the Parana state government on July 24, 1991 439 145-5 State Court " Frankfurt am Main, 22nd Criminal Division 19 January 1981 (22) 50 A Js 340/68 Warrant for Arrest Against JOSEF MENGELE, born on 16 March 1911 in Guenzburg on the Danube (governmental district Swabia/Free State Bavaria), - birth registered at the registry office Guenzburg under register number 29/1911 - former Doctor of Philosophy and of Medicine - dispossessed of academical degrees according to the public announcement of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich and the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-University in Frankfurt am Main on 23 September 1964 -, son of the engineer and machine manu- facturer KARL MENGELE and WALBURGA THERESIA MENGELE, nee HUPFAUER, of German nationality - dispossessed of the Paraguayan nationality pursuant to the decision of the Supreme Court in Asuncion dated 8 August 1979 -, last residence in home country: Am Stadtbach 4, D-8870 Guenzburg, last known residence: Asuncion (Paraguay), ' present place of residence unknown. alias: JONE MENGELE, born on 16 March 1911 in Guenzburg, alias: Doctor JOSE MENGELE, born on 16 March 1911 in Guenzburg, alias: HELMUT GREGOR.

On 26/27 August 1943 at a RSHA transport from the Province Posen [Posnan] with which the witness JACOBS arrived; 145-5 9.

On 23 September 1943 at a RSHA transport from Westerbork/The Netherlands with which the female witness HIMEL arrived (288 women and 303 men were admitted to the camp as fit to work, 388 persons were gassed^; 10.

The extermination on a massive scale took place mainly in the camp Auschwitz- Birkenau, and specifically in such manner that, under the pretext of a shower, the people destined to die were brought into specially prepared chambers where they were suffocated in a very painful way through hydrocyanic acid fumes of the poison-gas compound Cyclon B. ecution of these measures as well as the command and the guarding of the camp devolved on the Schutzstaff el (SS), a military organization of the National-Socialist German Labor Party.

As a rule, only the ones unfit to work were destined to die through gassing.

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