Mvc validating models

All we do is issue a redirect back to the GET action and our model state will be preserved. As the same suggests, this is instructing the server to populate Model State from Temp Data (if it exists).What I particularly like about this is that I can now POST a different (simplified) type of object since I don't need to worry about rebuilding the View in my POST action.

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The thing I don't like about my original approach is that it means I need to write my "Success" code inside a delegate.

It's only a few extra brackets and curly braces but I still don't like it.

But wait, we're doing Model State checks in the controller action again!

There is a simple solution to this, but you need to make a compromise.

This is great if you're using some kind of message bus as it keeps your messages small and easily serializable.

The This makes is really easy to AJAX-enable your existing ASP. The server will return a 400 status code (Bad Request) if Model State is invalid so we need to catch this.Is there a way to show the errors in modal-popup only. If the value is not included in the method then the validator will fail and return false.I have used the same code but have programmed the edit template to show in modal-popup(bootstrap).As soon as there are validation errors, the screen changes from popup to normal window.As far as I'm concerned, a controller action should not be executed if Model State is invalid.

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