who is rupaul dating now - My blog feed is not updating

Enter the address of your RSS feed and hit "Check".

If your feed is invalid, you'll have to contact whom is responsible for the technical issues of your blog for assistance.

my blog feed is not updating-53

Exactly the same problem with Lloyds bank feed, trying to import since 24th Feb. It appears the recent changes Yodlee made have resolved the issue for some, but not all users.

I really don't need the hassle of learning how to manually import a large number of transactions so close to my year end due! @James, Mark and Nicola - I've raised a Support query on each of your behalf. This is a widespread issue, and we understand the urgency of getting this resolved.

An update on our Blog Bank Feed Status page, shows Yodlee have made some changes and your feed should be working again now, but you may need to update the feed login to reset the connection.

Please see more pointers in the Blog post, and let the team know if you continue to have trouble.

Failing that, you can touch base with Support who will look into any issues.

Sorry to hear the trouble you've been having, Mike.

In this situation, should I try to use a Yodlee Feed?

I hoped the automatic option would be best as it was available for Lloyds.

I have written a list of alternatives for Google Reader.

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