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The key to being an effective parent is finding a reasonable, loving balance between the two extremes. If your morning routine sounds like this, you are probably a control freak parent: “Get down for breakfast this minute. Go back to your room and put on the red sweater instead—it looks better with that outfit.

You should ask your teacher for help as soon as you get to school today.” Controlling parents typically use lots of “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts.” A parent who micromanages their child’s life will answer “yes” to one or more of these questions: Or…Are You a Pushover Parent?

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You love and care about your child, and want him to be successful and happy.

But when some parents get anxious about their kids—and their daunting parental responsibility—they manage their anxiety by controlling their kids.

You may be the type of parent who goes to the opposite extreme.

If you are more of a pushover parent, you’ll find yourself frequently saying things like, “Okay, well maybe just this one time,” or “You never listen to me anyway, so go ahead and do what you want.” Control Freaks vs.

I also firmly believe that you need to hold your child accountable for his actions—don’t step in and rescue him, but on the other hand, don’t manage everything so he never has to make those tough choices.

I also tell parents “Let reality rather than reactivity be your child’s guide.” For example, let’s say your 13–year–old daughter sits down to breakfast and says, “Yuck, I don’t like eggs.And when you know who you are as a parent, you won’t become “fused” with your kids; you won’t need to be liked or validated by them in some way.The result is that your children won’t be burdened with taking emotional care of you; they will be free to grow up.Pushovers: Why Neither Parenting Style Works The problem with being overly controlling as a parent is that when you try to control your child (or anyone for that matter) you will most likely cause them to assume a position of chronic defensiveness.Your child will fight for his autonomy—which is actually a healthy, normal developmental response on his part.Basically, you want to give your child choices to help him to develop his own guidelines as he matures.

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