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O millor encara, des un mòbil : NXTControl V2 - Lego Mindstorms NXT remote controlled with an Android mobile phone directly via Bluetooth url Tech service recomends "nxt remote control app" : url, url.

Robo Realm - 50 USD - 30 day free trial Robowiki : A simple interactive control of NXT-G program from Imagine using messages : uses two mailboxes !

Other GUI tools you should set up include: call Java C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_09\bin\NXJ home C:\Program Files\le JOS NXJ\bin\\..

Command name nxjmonitor Classpath C:\Program Files\le JOS NXJ\lib\pc\charting.jar; C:\Program Files\le JOS NXJ\lib\pc\jtools.jar; C:\Program Files\le JOS NXJ\lib\pc\pccomm.jar; C:\Program Files\le JOS NXJ\lib\pc\pctools.jar; C:\Program Files\le JOS NXJ\lib\pc\3rdparty\bcel.jar; C:\Program Files\le JOS NXJ\lib\pc\3rdparty\bluecove-gpl.jar; C:\Program Files\le JOS NXJ\lib\pc\3rdparty\bluecove.jar; C:\Program Files\le JOS NXJ\lib\pc\3rdparty\commons-cli.jar; C:\Program Files\le JOS NXJ\lib\pc\3rdparty\jcommon.jar; C:\Program Files\le JOS NXJ\lib\pc\3rdparty\jfreechart.jar; C:\Program Files\le JOS NXJ\lib\pc\3rdparty\stax-api-1.0.1Running tools.

The documentation enables you to design and develop your own sensors and actuators that can interact with and control the NXT through the various digital and analog interfaces.

using the NXT samples project Unfold the samples project, and right-click the sample you want to start.

How to do this may vary with different Linux systems.

To use udev rules, set up a file such as /etc/udev/rules.d/70-lego.rules and populate it with the following lines: # Lego NXT brick in normal mode SUBSYSTEM=="usb", DRIVER=="usb", ATTRS=="0694", ATTRS=="0002", GROUP="lego", MODE="0660" # Lego NXT brick in firmware update mode (Atmel SAM-BA mode) SUBSYSTEM=="usb", DRIVER=="usb", ATTRS=="03eb", ATTRS=="6124", GROUP="lego", MODE="0660" lego. On recent Linux system, the rules are reloaded automatically by udev.

At the time, Lego executives considered legal action, but held back to see what the community would do with the information.

David Baum write a compiler based on Proudfoot's work, and finally Markus Noga wrote an operating system, Leg OS, which was released as open source. brick OS consists of an alternative operating system for the Mindstorms RCX and demonstration programs written in C and C .

Abstract String Builder.enlarge Buffer(Abstract String at

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