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A passport may now be issued in an applicant’s preferred sex / gender of M (male), F (female) or X (indeterminate/unspecified), without the need to amend these details on your birth or citizenship record.

While this new policy was developed to remove unnecessary obstacles for applicants wanting to record a change in their gender identity, we would like applicants to note that multiple changes in gender identity are likely to have implications for a person at overseas border controls or may affect a person’s ability to confirm their identity in the wider community.

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Some councils have not allowed brothels to operate in some areas, however they cannot ban brothels outright.

Some councils have made by-laws that affect the signage and location of brothels.

The Department recommends that prior to applying for a change in sex / gender details in your passport, that applicants carefully consider these implications.

Where there has been more than one change in gender identity, applicants are required to submit their previous passport with their passport application.

It is also illegal to do sex work if you are visiting New Zealand on a temporary visa. New Zealand is the only country in the world with a law which aims to uphold the human rights of sex workers and to decriminalise prostitution.

This country’s decriminalised approach is known as Sex workers in New Zealand can determine their work conditions.

This passport will be cancelled, defaced and returned to you.

The Department of Internal Affairs reserves the right to request the return of the passport or travel document at any time.

Leaving sex work: If you are a sex worker who wishes to find other work, you can receive Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) payments without any extra stand down period being imposed for leaving your job.

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