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How many more times does he have to appear drunk or hung-over'.

While another wrote: 'Don't like Karl, get him off.' Georgie told The Daily Telegraph on Sunday that the pressures of live television in conjunction with the social media age have made her nervous about intense 'scrutiny.''There's a part of me that feels wary because we live in a time now where there is just so much scrutiny, we live in this very weird era of clickbait and I just hope with that I don't lose my spontaneity,' she said.

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Experts are increasingly warning that many women are leaving it far too late to start a family.

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She debuted as the co-host on Today after seasoned journalist Lisa Wilkinson defected to a rival network.

And while the show went off without a hitch on Monday morning, Georgie Gardner's appearance didn't make as much of a splash as Channel Nine likely hoped it would.

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics last month found that the proportion of women over 40 having children has tripled in the last 20 years, with women in this age group accounting for 30,000 births last year.

The ONS said the eclipse of the young mother has happened because growing numbers of women are putting their education and career first, while the cost of housing and child rearing is also persuading women to delay pregnancy.

Some of his other notable film roles include starring in We Were Soldiers, Edge of Darkness, and The Expendables 3.

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