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On Monday, after fielding a few run-of-the-mill questions concerning the Cougars’ previous game, their next game and how he thinks certain players are performing, Leach was asked about … [PHOTOS: College football’s hottest cheerleaders gallery] "The key thing is make her eat, then she’ll relax, then there’ll be some dialogue and you can get to know her and see if you’re interested in dating her beyond dinner.” It was the same mantra he offered a Texas Tech freshman when asked a similar question five years ago.

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And then, my ex boyfriend's dad was sitting right next to us listening to our bug collection conversation.

I'm sure he was happy that his son dodged : Kind Of Fandom... Corinne Olympios: "As of right now, I'm ready to settle down with someone. Three years is a good amount of time to grow with them, get engaged, in time to be married by 29." : Any Celebrity Crushes?

And while it's easy to just stare at pics on Corinne Olympios' Instagram, there's more to the 25-year-old than just beauty.

That's because, starting today, her website is selling sunglasses that will see all its proceeds go to a nonprofit called, Child Anyway, because we're always interested to hear about what it is women : What Do You Look For In A Guy? He has to like to party sometimes, but not all the time.

"I wanted, when we were dating, to really have a chance to get to get to know Jody better.

There are plenty of blonde bombshells in the world, but Corinne Olympios is one who has certainly captured our attention — and it's easy to see why.

And Emilia's sensitive hearing, also a symptom of Asperger syndrome, throws the "dinner and a movie" advice out the window.

Emilia said the couple found alternative dates that worked for both of them, like quiet walks, painting and craft projects.

Corinne Olympios: "I don't have any celebrity crushes because I don't go by looks.

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