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Remember - no politics, whining, or complaining allowed!

There are more appropriate forums for those with concerns/complaints about camps.

Speaking of hikes, the De Soto Scout trail (16 miles, medal, see ( starts at Camp.

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The Pathfinder instructors did their duty, and taught them well.

There was some confusion about program planning -- the new scouts were told that they'd earned First Aid MB in addition to all the First Aid rank requirements, which was not accurate.

Sequoyah offers two different older boy programs, one centered on high adventure and another focusing on Advanced Scouting Skills, while Comer offers COPE and close access to another GAC camp-Camp Jackson.

The Merit Badge list offered at Seqouyah is quiet extensive and well taught, and Comer offers a smaller number of Badges but they are also covered well.

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Did your camp have a special night hike, theme day, or overnight?

This is just a little information on the camps that are offered in The Greater Alabama Council.

I sincerely believe that Camp Sequoyah and Comer are both camps that need to be looked at to be among the best in the nation.

Sequoyah, for sure, should be ranked nationally with its extensive program offerings, quality facilities, and consistent accreditations since its opening in the early 70s.

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