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* liifiiislrial f'lailt S Idle When Power Lines Caniad Awaj VANCOUVER, Jan. It niters- Ill Ti O six-room bunga- $B500 - Cl OOD FAMILY HOME Of SEVEN ROOMS— Just OBt Slde city In high location. EM- DID LOTS with fu U bearing fralt trees: houao last rsdacerated both Inside and out; three-piece bathroom, etc Baanlch taxes: cloae to schools. balance like rent Bxcluaivs ting COMFORTABLE BUNGALOW OP PIVE ROOMS — Cloee to schools, churches and car Une: ^hree-pieeslwthroom;_ka U Low tasoa'^oraia.^ $7ru^-CUTB LITTLE THREE-ROOM tyf}' COTTAOB, In good loeatlon: large gardca lot with shrubs and fruit trees. Siar - VBOn RTT VOR 8ALI J DEAL SEAFHONT BUILDING LOT.

21 (CP).— Whipping out of the west, a thlrty.five-mile fal*. Tsionn] p.iists nf fifty inil*-, lioiit, raged over tlie Lower Mdinland today, causing many thouaands o IMa Ol Mt WAnis BUCB AMD A BAANICH 8NAP-POUR-RO(m BUN- salow. Owt Mr transferred lo tbe Matnlaad ao must be sold at 79 WANTED TO BI V— IIOLSES Vt-'ANTED - A ri VE-ROOM UOUn.

UU aa Oa Mi dlalna-rooai alt B kalll^ aofaar aap- boards. ioill^ ful " "l Haf BIt I do Dt know «lwlh«p it's lore or her liter.' ICUl Bt KI Se W on CONTRACT! Tiann Kon/Uyes S88«l ' AUCTIONBCRS Auction Sale TODAY, li30 P. At 717.711 ATSBae or FABHa r OB BALB /•-ROOMBD ROtr SP 171 OAK BAY.

First Medical Student: "What a worrying ymi''" Second Medical Student: "You know that I am desperat Oijr In l OBB with M1. and I have noticed i BMfl that she has a sad, dreamj.

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Piaser Valley ^^^llt Umlted, ,000; Mission Otty.

8,000 shares of no par value; Vancouver, Pacific Coi Mt Automobile Asoo- elation.

cement foundation, three-plaoe bathroom, brtek Sroplaoa. 8000 AQKA down and 810 a moalk #o Ol.y OUEBFC BTRBST — available eg d UBMl tlon.

This Is an excellent building site, situate In Saanleh.

AKD, un acres " ler ao property ▼ te* or three rooms, toeether wuh ■ksat two acres of land, suitsble f r ehlekaas aad vaaetablaa.

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