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We're easily accessible via public transport, and we have a large free car park.

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Handicaps ========= This facility is only available to golfers who have a handicap of 28 or less (men) or 36 or less (ladies).

If you don't have a handicap, you must be able to play to an equivalent standard, and have an acceptable knowledge of course etiquette.

Scholars believe it was made around the year 1300 and shows the history, geography and destiny of humanity as it was understood in Christian Europe in the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries.

The inhabited part of the world as it was known then, roughly equivalent to Europe, Asia and North Africa, is mapped within a Christian framework. The Hereford Cathedral Chained Library is the largest surviving chained library in the world.

Jerusalem is in the centre, and east is at the top. In the early seventeenth century, chained libraries could be found in universities and cathedrals, but this is the only one still to be chained.

East, where the sun rises, was where medieval Christians looked for the second coming of Christ. It contains about 1,500 books, dating from around 800AD to the early nineteenth century, including 227 medieval manuscript books. The Great Charter of Liberties or ‘Magna Carta’ agreed between King John and his barons at Runnymede near Windsor in 1215 is one of the most famous documents in history. The Hereford Mappa Mundi Trust was formed in 1988 for the long term preservation of Mappa Mundi in its ancient home at Hereford Cathedral.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: These are the terms and conditions for booking tee times using our online booking facility.

Payment ======= To book a tee time Online you will have to enter your credit or debit card details using our secure on-line payment process. However, in the event of cancellation or course closure you will be offered an alternative date, a voucher to the value of the advanced payment, or a cash refund.

All Herefordshire libraries have resources about both their own area and the whole county.

The major local studies collection is held on the first floor mezzanine of Hereford library.

Hereford Cathedral is home to the Hereford Mappa Mundi, one of the world’s unique medieval treasures.

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