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It's a sound that brings happiness into the hearts of many, and now it seems that hearing the pop of a wine bottle cork can also affect your taste buds.

A new study has found that the sound of a cork popping makes us think our wine tastes better – regardless of the quality.

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The island of Ireland is politically divided in two.

The southern portion constitutes The Republic of Ireland while a section of the north, called Northern Ireland, belongs to the United Kingdom.

They were then asked to actually open both bottles and rate the wines again New research suggests that the language used on the label of a wine bottle could be as important to your enjoyment as the flavour of the drink itself.

This is because elaborate and emotional descriptions act as a placebo, tricking our brains into a false sense of quality.

Northern Ireland is geographically close to Scotland, with ferry options from Belfast and since we’re hoping to road trip Scotland next year, we decided to save Northern Ireland for a later date!

Below is a suggested itinerary for visiting Ireland, which takes into account my personal favorite Irish cities and attractions. After spending 3 weeks in Ireland, I had an amazing time and felt like I covered a lot!Researchers from Oxford University tested whether the sound and sight of a bottle of wine being opened would influence the perception of the wine inside the bottle.In the study, 140 participants were asked to taste identical wines and rate them after having been played the sound of a cork popping, then again after having heard a screw cap being opened.We slowed down in some areas and sped up in others so I wanted to offer some tips on Ireland itineraries of various lengths, since I know not everyone has the luxury of three weeks.Below, I’ve featured 7 of the best Irish cities to visit, including notes on the places I loved most, to give you an idea of what there is to experience in Ireland.You can book a private bedroom and still make new friends in Generator’s many social lounges & spaces.

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