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The state also says it understands that MKO is a burial site and that it is prioritizing proper treatment of the remains.

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Discovered in the 1980s, the Windover Archaeological Site is an ancient muck-pond where the skeletal remains of 168 individuals from a similarly distant era were found buried, preserved in peat at the bottom of the pond.

According to the bureau's press release, the scientists believe that MKO site was a similar freshwater pond where the locals buried their dead.

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In addition, the scientists also unearthed pieces of prehistoric culture: a collection of carved wooden stakes and textile fragments that radiocarbon tests date to around 7,000 years ago.

The discovery is a reminder that ocean levels are not static.

"That's something we don't see in modern populations," Ryan Duggins from Florida's Bureau of Archaeological Research told National Geographic, "so that was a quick indicator we were dealing with a prehistoric individual." Upon further investigation, it turned out that the place was actually a burial site.

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