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But, the first preparations were fat-free, because we didn’t think humans needed fat.

And so, they rapidly induced severe essential fatty acid deficiencies, ultimately convincing the medical community that some fats are, indeed, essential. But, as they discovered in a young girl they were giving it to after an abdominal gunshot wound, we don’t just need fat, but specific fats, like omega-3s.

In 1929, the necessity for fat was definitively settled in the diet of the rat.

But, when one of the researchers tried a 99% fat-free diet on himself for six months, ironically, he felt better.

So, out of the six randomized controlled trials, four showed nothing; one showed a benefit; one showed a harm.

So, if it was just about boosting brain function in the short-term, I’d err on the side of caution, and spend my money elsewhere.But what about preserving brain function over the long run? The concept of vitamins was first described by none other than Dr.But what about preserving brain function over the long run? Terms You may republish this material online or in print under our Creative Commons licence.But in one of those shorter trials, DHA supplementation didn’t just fail to show benefit; it appeared to make things worse.After 50 days, those who consumed the DHA had memory than those taking the placebo.And so, when they switched to soybean oil instead, she was restored to normal.

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