Open marriage online dating

In my opinion, open marriage is pretty much the opposite of marriage.

It seems to be about avoiding commitment -- one of the cornerstones of a happy marriage.

One night, Steve explained that if and when we got married, he would always want to have a separate apartment where he could be "alone." In his version of our lives, Steve's "alone" was when he would step out on our relationship -- up to three nights a week.

I was deeply involved with a man (let's call him Steve) when he surprised me with an unusual request.

For me, rather than viewing open marriage as offering a yummy buffet of taste sensations, I view it as one big recipe for disaster.

The main ingredients -- resentment, competitiveness, jealousy, insecurity, curtailed time, scattered affections, feelings of betrayal, lack of security -- all inevitably blur the lines of a healthy marriage.

This honesty enables couples to avoid the emotional downward spiral of hidden affairs because the need for secrecy is removed. Are men only as faithful as their options? Most open marriages make strong distinctions between sex with others and romance with others.You may be able to agree on the "rules for cheating" in an intellectual way, but doesn't the emotional nature of love always get in the way? " By the end of my research, I firmly believed that open marriage is merely an excuse for getting away with behaving self-indulgently and recklessly.In my book "Prince Harming Syndrome", any man who wants an open marriage is what I call a Prince Harming. Marriage is for nurturing the one wonderful union you've been lucky enough to find so it grows into something incredibly wonderful.I'm a nice Jewish girl from Philadelphia who grew up in a cul de sac where we played kickball and said "darn" instead of "damn" when we missed a kick.The concept of open marriage is very foreign to me, but I do consider myself open-minded.Calm and security may not sound as hotsy totsy as sex and more sex, but many of us believe it brings far more happiness in the long run.

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