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Over time, the common understanding of "the Orient" has continually shifted eastwards, as European people traveled farther into Asia.

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To situate them in such a manner was to "orient" them in the proper direction.

When something was facing the correct direction, it was said to be in the proper orientation.

As recently as the early 20th century, the term "Orient" often continued to be used in ways that included North Africa.

Today, the term primarily evokes images of China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and peninsular Southeast Asia.

Equally valid terms for the Orient still exist in the English language in such collocations as Oriental studies (now Asian Studies in some countries).

The adjectival term Oriental has been used by the West to mean cultures, peoples, countries, Asian rugs, and goods from the Orient. It is a traditional designation (especially when capitalized) for anything belonging to the Orient or "East" (for Asia), and especially of its Eastern culture.

It indicated the eastern direction in historical astronomy, often abbreviated "Ori".

In contemporary American English, Oriental usually refers to things from the parts of East Asia traditionally occupied by East Asians and most Central Asians and Southeast Asians racially categorized as "Mongoloid".

Originally, the term referred to Egypt, the Levant, and adjoining areas. During the 1800s, India, and to a lesser extent China, began to displace the Levant as the primary subject of Orientalist research.

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