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About 7 hours travel in total, and I got to see some beautiful offshore islands during the ferry ride.

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The city was a logical 2-night stop on my travels from Legazpi in Bicol to Cebu City.

It was a 390km long travel and I had to use four different means of transport: Tricycle taxi from my guesthouse to the bus terminal in Legazpi, bus to Sorsogon, from there jeepney to the pier at Matnong, ferry to Allen in Samar and eventually another bus to Tacloban in Leyte.

Most people know Tacloban from the disastrous typhoon that was the number one topic in the news around the world for many weeks.

And so unfortunately if you do a google image search for “tacloban philippines” almost everything you get to see is destroyed buildings, local Filipinos crying, misery and just very, very little about what this 221,000 citizen capital of Leyte (the easternmost and one of the biggest islands in the Visayas) really has to offer.

There are the “stations of the cross” along the way so you’ll have some excuse to make several breaks up there.

Once you reached the top you’ll be rewarded with splendid views over both Tacloban city to the right as well as the ocean to the left with San Juanico Bridge that connects Leyte with Samar.After that I went to have a look at the city hall (yeah sorry, I know that must be one of the most boring pictures on Philippines Redcat).Quick ten minutes stop here before heading to the highlight of the day.I then paid 150 Pesos to a tricycle driver to bring me to the foot of Calvary Hill.You may miss out the City Hall but if there is one thing you should definitely do here is to hike up to the top of this small hill.I have a biased perspective, as I believe you can meet good, bad and otherwise in any city. I met with women I met online and 'in real' after months of 'online' relationships.

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