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(2008) Atomistic insight into the origin of the temperature-dependence of kinetic isotope effects and H-tunnelling in enzyme systems is revealed through combined experimental studies and biomolecular simulation.

(2008) Synthesis, biochemical evaluation and rationalisation of the inhibitory activity of a range of 4-hydroxyphenyl ketones as potent and specific inhibitors of the type 3 of 17[beta]-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (17[beta]-HSD3).

Deutsch-russische Beziehungen: politische, wirtschaftliche und kulturelle Aspekte von der fruehen Neuzeit bis zum 20. Beitraege der internationalen Konferenz in Prag vom 24-25 November 2005.

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(2007) The Derivation of a Potential Transition-State for the Reduction Reaction Catalysed by 17β -Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 3 (17β -HSD) - An Approximate Representation of its Active Site for Use in Drug Design and Discovery. (2007) Der Einfluss geschlechtsrollenkongruenten und -diskrepanten Gesprächsverhaltens auf die Personwahrnehmung [The impact of gender role congruent vs.

(2007) Synthesis and in vitro biochemical evaluation of a series of compounds as potential inhibitors of estrone sulfatase (ES) and the role of p K(a) in both the synthesis and the inhibitory activity of the potential inhibitors. discrepant communication behaviour on impression formation]. The poetics of everyday objects: a theoretical and practical investigation into the materiality and embodiment of meaning in designed objects, with special reference to furniture and product design practice after 1988.

(2008) A reflexive archive: a pilot scheme to develop a model for supplementing live talks programme by professional practitioners with student-led online forums.

Presentation at Centre of Learning and Teaching in Art and Design 4th International Conference - Enhancing Curricula.

The Cold Atom Laboratory (CAL) was created by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.

It’s now in the final stages of assembly, with plans to launch this August on Space X CRS-12 to the International Space Station.

(2008) A qualitative analysis of factors contributing to 'appropriate' corporate social responsibility and an examination of the extent to which appropriate CSR is adopted by ten multinational companies.

(2008) Potential environmental and host gender influences on prevalence of Haemogregarina platessae (Adeleorina: Haemogregarinidae) and suspected Haemohormidium terraenovae (incertae sedis) in Brazilian flounder from the Patos Lagoon Estuary, southern Brazil.

Liquiditatsversorgung bei Knight'scher Unsicherheit: Ein theoretischer Vergleich von Banken und Markten [Liquidity provision under Knightian Uncertainty: a theoretical comparison of banks and markets].

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